DVD for cats

Really? Is there such a thing? Of course there is! Seeing as my boys are indoor cats and usually grow tired of their toys veery quickly, I am always on the lookout for some new for of entertainment. On Amazon i found the Mewvie motion picture for cats.

There are four DVDs with different  content as far as i could find. The go for about 15 US dollars each on Amazon, 25 dollars for all four at Createspace (amazon company). I bought three of them and they have all been a great success. I do believe these DVDs are Amazon exclusives, i have not seen them anywhere else.


Episode 1- Backyard Buffet is a mix of different animals you may find in your backyard (duh). Squirrels, mice, birds, I think maybe there were some rabbits and chinchillas too.

Episode 2- Birdland Bonanza it a mix of different birds on feeding trays

Episode 3- Bug Brigade is a mix of ants, beetles, butterflies, crickets, any bug you may or may not want to imagine.

Episode 4- Hummingbird Happiness i did not buy, but  Hummingbirds will be darting across the screen. Can your cat catch one?

Each DVD has about 90 minutes of viewing pleasure for your cat. All the DVDs have the same soundtrack of birds chirping.

IMG_20160403_170949Mio is the big fan of this one. Oliver is interested, but he is too busy to sit down and watch for long. I recommend placing a chair in front of the TV, otherwise you cat may want to jump up and catch whatever is on the tv. Mio will sit through the entire movie if i give him a chair. There is not much of a difference in interest on the movies, all prey will do for Mio.

Mio would like to recommend this entertainment to all his indoor friends in the world.




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