Olivers story




Hi, I’m Oliver, the Boss of the family. Most of life in this house revolves around me. And why not? I am worth every bit of attention.

I was born in the city of Busan in South Korea on a summer’s day, probably June or July, in 2015. My cat-mother and cat-father were feral cats, but a nice old lady made a small cardboard house for my mom, me and my siblings when we were born.

Unfortunately not everyone teaches their children how to properly treat other living things. So one day our family life was disturbed by a group of children who found it very amusing to hear kittens cry. They tossed us around and played with us while our mother desperately hissed and cried from the bushes. Me they kept in the box, shaking it to hear me whimper. That is when my first human mom arrived at the scene. Mommy Ashleigh (mommy A) has a gift of always finding animals in need of rescue. She, with the help of the old lady who had given us our house, managed to chase the children away.

oliver1.jpgNext day mommy A wanted to come and check up on us. But my cat-mom was gone, taking all my siblings with her. Only I was left behind in the box, very little life left in me. So mommy A, in spite of already having a whole bunch of rescued dogs and cats at home, took me in. I was treated for eye infection by a doctor, and mommy A set the alarm for every two hours to feed and look after me for the next weeks. Against all odds and against the belief of everyone except mommy A, I survived and grew stronger. When I was about two months old I moved to my permanent family with Crazycatmom and Mio.

Today, my only scar of that day is my broken tail. But everyone just says it´s charming. And I must say I do agree. I absolutely love people, I never say no to and extra person to cuddle or play with me. But I am absolutely terrified of the smaller humans!

DSC_0222.JPGI love my brother Mio. I especially love how he never catches on to me hiding behind every corner to ambush him. He is also very nice to cuddle with since he usually washes me. That is an activity I rarely bother to do myself!

I am totally the Einstein of cats. I swear! I get bored so easily and commence the very well thought out act of pushing anything loose off of tables, shelves and countertops. Crazycatmom continuously tries to buy new and challenging toys for me, but they are all just toooooo easy to figure out. Got any good suggestions for my entertaining pleasure? Crazycatmom is all ears!

I was born with a heart problem, and due to this I also developed chronic Bronchitis. But I doesn’t stop me in any way from being the most active kitty in the house.

I hope me and my family can contribute something new and interesting to you and your furry children. Let me know if you have any questions about me or my day that you would like to know.

Happy to meet you, big wet-nosed kiss from me!

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